In partnership with Histoindex, PharmaNest opens and develops a new digital pathology  application lab in Princeton, NJ to focus on non destructive, 2D and 3D, stain-free tissue imaging.

See Genesis Imaging Services here.

Here is an example (skin)

Welcome to PharmaNest

PharmaNest commercializes breakthrough International IND-Enabling Technologies and Services for the US Markets (What is a IND-Enabling Technology?).


PharmaNest's business model and highly experienced team empower early stage companies to play in high growth market segments, at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

You are also considering a Medical Application ? ... work with us a MedNest.


Recent News:

03.17 Meet us in Washington,DC to discuss emerging trends in NASH ( ETC2017 conference)

03.13 MedNest welcomes RYTHM as a new client. Rythm is a sleep wellness company transitioning to the Medical Device space.

02/04   Meet us in Paris (Feb 25-26) for a the kick off of a France-US MedTech Soft Landing program with MEDICEN and the French Tech Hub

12/5   MedNest welcomes Nova Gray as a new client. NovaGray develops blood tests to improve the management of breast cancer Radiotherapy.

12/2   MedNest welcomes The French Tech Hub and Interaction Healthcare as new clients. Interaction Healthcare is a developer and distributor of interactive digital training content for healthcare professionals

11/15  Meet us at AASLD 2016, the "Liver Meeting" in Boston

10/25  MedNest welcomes The French Tech Hub and GenePred as new clients. Genepred develops genetics tests to predict the risk of fibrosis.

10/09 MedNest welcome Advantage Austria, the Foreign Trade Development office of Austria, as a new client.

09/15  PharmaNest welcome Gilead Sciences as a new client of Genesis Imaging Labs

08/6 MedNest welcomes Laboratoire Pronutri (France) as a returning client. We will be forming partnership for US Market Access in the area of clinically validated dietary supplements.

07/12 PharmaNest welcomes AYOXXA Biosystems (Germany) as a new client. AYOXXA offers small volume (3uL) multiplex-protein based assay that can be read on conventional fluorescent microscopes.

07/06 Pharmanest welcomes ACM Biolabs (Singapore) as a new clients. ACM bioloabs develops artificial cell membranes solutions to reduce the time it takes to do cell cultures and test new drug candidates by ~70%.

Meet us in Singapore Jul 10th to Jul 14th 2015.

07/01  PharmaNest and LLTech (France) partner to distribute the Light-CT in the US-NorthEast. The Light-CT is a fresh tissue imaging system that has the potential to replace frozen section to offer fast biopsy quality control.

06/29 MedNest welcomes a group of high performing MedTech and Life Sciences companies from Singapore for a 6 months U.S. Market Entry intensive program

06/23 Join our webinar: Collagen Imaging and Quantification with non-linear Microscopy: case study for the diagnostic and stratification of liver fibrosis.

06/22 MedNest leads the post-BIO2015  Bio+ Industry Panel hosted by the French American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia nad meets with several French Biotech & MedTech companies.

06/22 MedNest welcomes BioBot Surgical (Singapore) as a returning client. Biobot's Monalisa is a Transperineal Prostate  Biopsy robotic positioner with US/MRI image fusion guidance capabilities.

06/15 MedNest welcomes Needle Concept (France & Miami) as a new client. Needle Concept designs and develops subcutaneous injection systems

04/15 PharmaNest is happy to sign a research and development partnership with Histoindex (Singapore), to develop and offer non-destructive digital pathology services to the drug discovery industry. See more at Genesis Lab Services.

01/15 Curiox retains PharmaNest to develop its business with large Contract Research Organizations. Curiox offers a immunoassay miniaturization program to reduce costs by 80% and enable small volume (5 microL) sample assays for precious samples.

9/16  " Readiness of Medical Technologies for the U.S. Markets: designing for the Markets, FDA and CMS" by Mathieu M. Petitjean, Ph.D. and Susan Z. Paquette, MBA has been released. Ask us for a reprint here.

9/15 MedNest welcomes back CardiacX (Dallas, TX)  as a returning client. CardiacX is a young venture exploring the use of NeuroStimulation to balance the cardiac function.

8/25 MedNest welcomes IPTEC (a member of Zicom Group, Singapore) as a new client. IPTEC translates medical technology innovations into tangible products and solutions.

8/13 MedNest welcomes BIOBOT Surgical (Singapore) as a new client. Biobot brings FDA approved Image Guided robotic prostate biosys systems. 

6/16 Announcing Singapore's "Optimizing your MedTech Venture for the US Markets" conference on September 30th 2014. (see events). 

5/16 Meet us in Bordeaux, France on June 17th and 18th for a US Market Readiness Workshop

5/16 MedNest congratulates its client Voluntis on its $29M successful fund raising to bring Diabetes App to US.

05/09 MedNest welcome the International Chamber of Commerce of Bordeaux and its clients S14Implants, Rodin4D, ITWELL as new customers.

04/28 MedNest welcomes Voluntis as a returning client.  Further to a successful multimillion Fund Raising, Voluntis prepares the launch of Insulia in the USA, a electronic / mHealth Diabetes Insulin Therapy management solution.

03/24 PharmaNest welcomes Dr. Anka Herhardt as an Executive Consultant and Associate Member, 

03/04 "Optimizing a new Venture for Life Science" at the Paris-Tech Campus, Meet us in Paris.

01/22 Singapore US MedTech with IE Singapore. Meet us in Singapore.

01/19 PharmaNest welcomes BrightCould as a returning client. Brightcloud commercializes Mild Cognitive Impairment quantification serious-gaming tools for clinical research.

12/30 Happy New Year and Prosperous 2014 !

12/01 Announcing the 2014 IDI Technology Forum (March 11th 2014): see here

11/12 New updates on our technology blog: wide-field fluorescent imaging on a cell-phone !

09/06  DermaNest publishes its 2013 Industry Survey on Skin and Wound Imaging, with technologiesapplicable for clinicalresearch and distribution. 

06/15  MedNest welcomes BCI as a new Client. BCI develops and markets virtual-reality based EDC solutions for clinical research related to brain rehabilitation and cognition.

04/25  MedNest welcomes Intrasense as a new client. Intrasense develops and markets Myrian, a suite of advanced solutions for the review and analysis of Medical Images, also relevant for clinical trials

04/24 Join us and CYTOO at the Harvard Neuro Drug Discovery Center for a Seminar.

03/14 PharmaNest welcomes Dr. Florence Brellier as a new Executive Consultant in Princeton.

02/4 We will be present at the American BioPhysical Society Annual Event (Philadelphia, Feb 2-6). Will be happy to meet there.

01/22 PharmaNest and Accelence announce a series of B2B partnership meetings to enrich Clinical Trials in the area of Neuro-Pharmacology of sleep and vigilance

01/06 Fluigent and PharmaNest sign a Friendship Letter Agreement. Fluigent develops high performance flow controllers for microfluidic applications, with huge potential in particles and single cell handling.

01/5 PharmaNest supports Cytoo at HCA2012 (San Francisco). Come and learn about 2D+

12/30 Happy New Year and Prosperous 2013 !

12/17 PharmaNest supports Cytoo at ASCB 2012 ( San Francisco). Come and learn about 2D+

12/5 PharmaNest congratulates its client CYTOO and Kristine Schauer of Institut Curie for the nomination of 2D+ to the 2013 SLAS innovation Awards (Press Release)

7/28 PharmaNest inks a strategic business development partnership with Accelence (France). Accelence provide Pharmaceutical companies to a certificed Network of Investigators on accelerate patient recruitment and clinical trials quality. 

7/10 PharmaNest welcomes Diasys Diagnostics Systems (Germany) as a new client. Diasys is a fast growing company that develops and manufactures a broad range of high quality diagnostic reagents and fully automated clinical chemistry analyzers.

5/15 Cytoo and PharmaNest are pleased to introduce 2D+ : a new dimension in cell culture (PR)

5/15 Meet us today at the Laboratory Robotics Interest Group Meeting, New Brunswick, NJ.

4/17 PharmaNest welcomes Dr. Myles Fennell as a new member of its Industry Advisory Board.

4/17 PharmaNest congratulates Dr. Julie Li for her new position as Leader of the Biology Group at the newly created National center for Advancing Translational Science at the NIH

4/4 Cytoo Announces Venture Partnership with PharmaNest to Launch 2D+ in the USA (Press Release)

4/1 Join the EACCNJ Conference and Workshop

on May23rd, Princeton, NJ and learn how to reach to the FP7 and Horizon 2020 EU Innovation Funds

3/26 PharmaNest continues to develop its partnership with Advantage Austria, Foreign Trade Development Agency of Austria and gives a series of conferences in Linz, Graz and Vienna on the US Healthcare market and opportunities (see more)

2/11 PharmaNest receives its US Trademark Certificate. Welcome TM !

1/20 Come and meet with us at the SLAS Annual Conference, San Diego, Feb 5-7

1/18 PharmaNest is pleased to welcome Dr. Claude Benchimol to its Industry Advisory Board.

1/10  PharmaNest and its venture partner Cytoo participate to HCA (High Content Analysis) meeting in San Francisco

1/9  MedNest and its venture partners are in San Francisco around the JP Morgan conference

01/03 PharmaNest welcomes Cytoo as a new client. Cytoo develops products for cellular analysis and high-content cell screening with reduced cell variability (

12/23 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

11/18 Kudos to our partner Laurent Erner, CEO of Zenkko, for the launch of a innovative suite of iPad enabled Sensing Technologies.

11/10 PharmaNest welcomes Accelence as a new client. Accelence is the Clinical Research Network of the greater Bordeaux Area

11/07 PharmaNest welcomes GemacBio as a new client. GemacBio offers a wide range of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to non immunogenic small molecules for research and product developpment in multiple TAs.

10/06 Dr. Ralph Garippa (PharmaNest's Industry Advisory Board) announces a webinar on " Trends in Cell-Based Assays and Technologies " .( Join for free here)

10/04 PharmaNest completes its Industry Advisory Board and initiates regular technology / opportunity monthly reviews

9/ 21 PharmaNest gives a conference on "Moving to a US Patient Centric Healthcare" to a panel of entrepreneurs in Vienna, Austria

9/09   PharmaNest participates to the Scientific and Industry Advisory Board of the newly created Clinical Research Network in Bordeaux, France  ()

6/28 Private and Public entities partner to create the 1st R&D Accelerator in Healthcare in Europe (Press Release)

6/20   Quick 3D Osteogenic Assay for Stem Cells: congratulations to our client LLTECH and 3DBiotech for their breakthrough imaging of 3D stem Cell Scaffolds. Newsletter.

6/17   Covance's Head of Strategic Market Intelligence Mark Little presents a comprehensive forecast of the CRO markets (MedNest Private Client Conference) 

6/16   "High Profile Delegation of LifeSciences CEOs visits America's Medicine Chest State" under the leadership of PharmaNest's Team. Business Wire Press Release.

3/30   PharmaNest supports the launch of the European-American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey, and sponsors the Life-Science inaugural event with Rutgers Univgersity.

2/30   PharmaNest welcomes Fluofarma as a repeat customer. Fluofarma provides innovative bioengineering, bioscreening and biocomputing services.

2/15  PharmaNest congratulates its client Creapharm for its recent partnership with Bioconvergence. Creapharm provides Fill and Finish services for CytoToxic and High Potency compounds as well as European Clinical Trial Supplies services : see Press Release

10/09 MedNest welcome Advantage Austria, the Foreign Trade Development office of Austria, as a new client.

09/15  PharmaNest welcome Gilead Sciences as a new client of Genesis Imaging Labs.
10/09 MedNest welcome Advantage Austria, the Foreign Trade Development office of Austria, as a new client.

09/15  PharmaNest welcome Gilead Sciences as a new client of Genesis Imaging Labs.